Your Success or Mine?

I thought I would start of this blog with something that might hit close to home for those around my age, and for that matter, any age: Success. What exactly is success, and when is it enough to fulfill that emptiness we are led to feel?

Starting from when I was a wee blondie in kindergarten, I was taught what success was and what it meant. I was led to believe that success was winning a race, getting a perfect on an exam, or being able to walk across a beam without falling off. Once I was “successful”, I would be rewarded with a prize or a sense of gratitude. You see, that type of success was drilled into my brain and it meant that I couldn’t fail. You can’t lose and win a race at the same time unless you are the only one racing. Failure was shameful and frowned upon. But now, I strongly reject that definition.

My new definition for success is not simply just “not failing”, it has a deeper root. Success is whatever YOU want it to be, whether that be finally finishing a book you started 3 years ago, graduating college, or running a marathon. The problem persists in the fact that we compare our definitions to others. We have lost the essence of time. We forget that we all live very different lives and our goals may not be completed by the same time other people complete theirs. So, we continue to beat ourselves up over the fact that we aren’t as “successful” as they are when that just isn’t the case.

There is a reason humanity wasn’t made to be clones of each other. Every person is made to contribute to the world through their own success. Could you imagine if the person who invented the vaccine for Polio had never created it because they were too distracted by someone else’s achievements? Our world would still be ridden with this disease and many more lives would have been lost. Now we all may not be on the path to cure the world, but we can make a difference in our own lives by pursuing our success, disregarding how much time it takes. We are not failures because it took us more time to finish our goal than our friend or colleague. Failure is just Nature’s way of saying, “Hey, not this way. Try a different route!”. It doesn’t mean to give up your destination and find a new one, it means, “Keep trying, you have the right finish in mind”.

Success is a journey filled with unexpected twists and turns, and you may not even end up where you decided to go in the first place. However, that just might make it sweeter than what you could have ever imagined.


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